Typical Services Requested

If you don't see an item that is on YOUR list, please ask!

+ Aging In Place: Door Handles, grab bars, extra/task lighting

+ Doors sticking/squeaking, locksets changed 

+ Plumbing and electrical repairs 

+ Refrigerator fan/Dryer duct lint & dust removal

+ Electrical service panel circuit breaker mapping

+ Clothes dryer rebuilds

+ Home safety inspections/walkthroughs

+ Bookcase façades 

+ Dishwasher servicing & replacement

+ Stove and oven repairs: heating elements, oven door hinges and seals

+ Thermostats programmed for efficiency 

+ Vacuum cleaner and small appliance servicing

+ Drywall repairs 

+ Home pre-sale/post-purchase repairs

 And much, much more...