NEVER take BROKEN for an answer!

We have become all too accustomed to the throw away lifestyle:  When something doesn’t work, throw it out and buy a new one.  Due to this behavior, our landfills are filling at an unprecedented rate.  But more often than not, our “stuff” can be repaired.

Repair Cafés are opportunities for the Sustainability-minded, Eco-conscience (that's ECO for ECOlogically and ECOnomically) community to bring their presumed broken, non-functioning, small household items such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, lamps, toys, bicycles, furniture, etc. for diagnosis, disassembly, and possible repair.  Specialty tools and troubleshooting expertise are provided at the Café.  Just bring your stuff in need of fixin'!

Faulty cords, switches, capacitors and fuses, oh my!  These common failure modes take a few minutes to diagnose and replace but some items brought for repair may require more than just a quick fix.  In these cases, the items will be brought to the Fix-This! shop for a more in depth diagnosis and repair and they will be ready to go in a week or so. Although these events are free, any replacement parts required to complete the repair are the responsibility of the item's owner.

If items are too big for transport to a Repair Café or are hard wired, not to worry as Mister, Fix This! makes Home Therapy Visits (HTV).  Just bring your List of items in need of attention to the Café and we can personally review and plan an HTV at your convenience.  We are Passionate about what we do; Compassionate towards those we serve.

We gladly accept donations of tools, spare parts or monetary donations to help fund the Fix-This! Cause.  Contact us at


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