Our Vision

Call the Big Dogs to bang out your larger, specialized projects but let Mister, Fix This! sweat the Small Stuff for you.  In one Home Therapy Visit we'll tackle appliances, lighting, plumbing, that forever sticking door, etc.  And on the way out for the day we'll program that thermostat for maximum efficiency for you!  

The majority of our Home Therapy Visits find folks in need of our assistance with MANY small items that really cause them some anxiety.  Their Lists are pretty much: 

~ A Little Bit of Everything ~

Mister, Fix This! still makes House Calls in this fast-paced, hurry up world.  We slow it down a bit to Listen to and Focus on the homeowner's needs as well as the home's needs.  In addition to our standard hourly Home Therapy service, we offer a 'Little Bit of Everything' service: a session of personable, compassionate Home Therapy that can be purchased and gifted to someone in need.  Helping them breathe a sigh of relief that the little things are getting taken care of for them.  

Fully Insured and Licensed with over 35 years of real life Experience and Engineering backgrounds, we can get it done efficiently, safely, neatly, and if need be: 


While Seniors and young, busy families are our priority, our services are always available to the general public.  We are Passionate about what we do; Compassionate towards those we serve. 

+ Non-judgmental (everyone’s got clutter, dust, etc.) 

+ No job too small 

+ Local Central CT service area

+ CT HIC REG# 0667811

Mister, Fix This! = Your Local Go-To Home Therapy Specialist!